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Welcome to Runcible Spoon Press, we are a new publishing house.

We publish poetry pamphlets, collections, anthologies and children’s books.


Alongside Runcible Spoon Press, we host Runcible Spoon webzine, dedicated to showcasing the best in contemporary poetry and prose.


We are now accepting submissions. Please send by email to the address on the contact page a panel of 10 poems or an extract of up to 500 words of your mauscript along with a brief synopsis for consideration.

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Fin Hall has the unique skill of making the darkest angst intertwine with everyday life occurrences in a way that is so utterly real it’s impossible to tear your eyes from the page. A hard-hitting poetry collection that takes the reader on a nostalgic journey of stark memories, free from sugar-coating yet beautiful in their wisdom. Needs no subtitles as the message of every poem comes through thick and fast, leaving emotions raw in their wake. Sometimes sad, at times confrontational, often hopeful, always truthful, Once Upon A Time There Was, Now There Isn’t is an unmissable debut! 


-Kelly Van Nelson



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Yvonne Ugarte has an uncanny knack of delighting and teaching children through story-telling.  You will find these poems enchanting,  woven with humour and surprise endings.