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Crusty Scuttles questions are niggling him, and words are getting under his shell. His best friend, Molly, is a limpet and what she doesnt know isnt worth knowing. The sea has whispered its secrets through her shell, but in truth she doesnt understand their meanings. When she tells Crusty that the world is an oyster, he resolves to find answers. Spurred on by the hermits cantankerous words, ‘THE WORLD’S BEYOND REASON,’ the friends set off on an adventure that would challenge the most stalwart of explorers. Crustys sideways scuttle and Mollys wobbly hop take them to places that no sea creature could ever have imagined, where they meet a myriad of creatures who either help or are hostile to them in their quest. This is a story of hope and despair, fear and loss, friendship and trust, bound together by humour and love.


Beautifully written and illustrated by Stella Wulf, this book will be a welcome addition to any young readers bookshelf. 


ISBN 9781916164741   

Perfect bound paperback

145 pages

210mm x 148mm


And the Sea Whispered by Stella Wulf

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