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Rainy Day by David & Kathleen Strafford


How would you spend a rainy day?  Isabelle discovers staying indoors isn’t so bad when Doctor Bear shimmies out of his toy box, in fact she is in for a TREAT.  Doctor Bear isn’t an ordinary bear at all,  and sometimes magical things happen when he’s near.

Escape to the fun filled world of Isabelle and Dr Bear, and their adventures often involving poor ole Papa Dave and Hallie the cat.

Published by Runcible Spoon Press, this is the first in a series of  richly illustrated stories written by David Strafford and illustrated by Kathleen Strafford. They are based on the playtime adventures that Papa Dave shared with Isabelle, Doctor Bear and the gang.

The books are primarily aimed at  four to eight year olds (but it's quite alright if you older people want to take a peek inside too - Dr Bear can be a very persuasive soul).

250mm x 250mm, perfect bound gloss cover paperback, 30 full colour pages, large font.  First published in 2020.

ISBN  978-1-9161647-0-3